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How to set the distance between solar street lights
- Apr 09, 2018 -

From the perspective of the user's experience, of course, the light source is brighter and the distance between each light source is brighter at night. However, from the perspective of investors, of course, the smaller the number of installed solar street lights is, the smaller their investment efforts can be. To spend money on other investments, if we balance the two heads, it is best for us to work as solar street light manufacturers.

For the installation of street lights, we have a density reference, that is, we must not be too close to too much, or look at a single point of ghosting from a distance, and it does not have any meaning. It also causes a waste of resources, and it is too far away to cause The blind spot of lighting, the place where light is needed is a failure if there is no continuity, so experience is very important.

To give a simple example, 6, 30-watt meters of solar street lights are spaced from one another by 20-25 meters. Do not ask why this is the experience. The lighting effect of this arrangement will make everyone satisfied The seamless lighting range and the lightness of the light source are all just right. The interval is neither long nor short. This is the rationality of the lighting arrangement.