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How does the traffic signal go when no traffic light is on?
- Apr 09, 2018 -

At the crossroads, if the traffic lights are off, the driver should pass the following conditions:

1, the first vehicle on the right. If there is no traffic light, no traffic sign, marking, and no traffic police, the vehicle on the right side of the forward direction has the priority right. At this time, the right vehicle must be given priority.

2, let the line sign first. There are no traffic lights or traffic police crossings. If there is an offer sign, then one of them will give way.

3, relative direction, turn left first. There are no traffic lights or intersections for traffic police. A right-turn vehicle that drives in the opposite direction needs a left-turn vehicle.

4, around the island, the island outside the island. The principle of driving around the island is actually very simple. On the "island outside the island", when entering the roundabout, the vehicles that come in are allowed to come out.