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How do traffic lights work in traffic lights? How does the electronic police work?
- Oct 05, 2018 -

Traffic lights are written in the logic of computer language and time is set at different junctions.
The time when the lamp is on and off is controlled by the chip chip; Specifically, when the red light should be on, the single-chip computer controls the signal light to be on, and obtains a certain time delay according to the programmed procedure, and then it controls the green light to be on, and obtains a delay
When the light is red, the monitoring device will automatically photograph the vehicle crossing the line and save it

Identify and work principles
1. The electronic eye USES the induction line to sense the pressure from the car on the road, and the signal is collected through the sensor
CPU, sending register to temporary storage (the data is valid within a red light cycle);

2. Within the same time interval (within the red light period), if two pulse signals are generated simultaneously, they shall be deemed as

"Effective", simply put, is that if the red light is red, and your head wheel is over the line, and the wheel is out of line, then only one pulse is generated.

3. In some cases, someone drove the front wheel across the line and was afraid of being photographed. It was because of the one before the one after the other that a "pair" of impulses were generated

(this pair of pulses is generated within the same red light cycle)

4. When the yellow light is on, the camera system will start after 2s delay; When the red light is on, the system has been started. The green light will be on
When, the system is shut down ahead of 2s, mainly to prevent false beat. So a lot of taxi drivers know that you're almost ready to go, just like that. But suggest everybody does not do so, because the opportunity is more difficult to grasp yo.

Post processing:

When the image is downloaded to the transmission command center, it needs to be registered, numbered, announced, and then transmitted

To the central computer database for various organ calls.

System features:

Vehicle capture rate ---100% (not including motorcycle, etc.).

Identify time - about 1 second (definitely faster than your reaction time).

License plate recognition rate -- more than 95% by day, more than 90% by night

Author:Bunny Sun