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Fresnel lens applications
- Oct 17, 2018 -

Fresnel lens applications

Fresnel lens is mainly applied in the field of projection and solar photovoltaic. Because Fresnel lenses emit light with softer edges, they are often used on colored lights. Place a colored plastic film on the stand in front of the lens to dye the light. Also place a wire mesh or a frosted plastic to disperse the light. Many devices contain Fresnel lens, allowing light in focus moved back and forth to enlarge or reduce the beam size, it is very suitable for projector lens type, rear projection TVS, projectors and collimator, through which not only because the light is higher than through the brightness of the ordinary lens, but also because of the whole beam of light through it in the brightness of the different parts are relatively consistent.
In the field of solar photovoltaic, Fresnel is mainly used as a concentrated component in a concentrated photovoltaic system to transform light from a relatively large area to a relatively small area. Cheap Fresnel lenses are typically die-cast or molded out of clear plastic and can be made to be lighter and more economical than glass, so large Fresnel lenses are also widely used in solar ovens to collect sunlight or solar water heaters. In addition, Fresnel lenses are also widely used in automobile headlights, automobile taillights and car reversals. It tilts the parallel light originally reflected by a concave mirror downward, so Fresnel lenses are also used to correct for some visual impairments, such as squint. [2]
Fresnel lens is a widely used optical element, which is designed and manufactured in many technical fields, including optical engineering, polymer material engineering, CNC machining, diamond turning and nickel plating. Molding, injection molding, casting and other manufacturing processes. Fresnel lenses are used in many fields, including:
Projection display: Fresnel projection TV, rear projection Fresnel screen, overhead projector, collimator;
Focusing energy: the sun can use a Fresnel lens, a Fresnel spotlight for photography, a Fresnel magnifier;
Aviation navigation: Fresnel lens for lighthouse, Fresnel flight simulation;
Scientific research: laser detection system, etc.
Infrared detection: passive mobile detector;
Lighting optics: car headlights, traffic signs, optical landing systems.
Smart home: security system detector, etc

Author:Bunny Sun