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Electronic police-6
- Jan 03, 2019 -

Electronic police

Monitoring system
The system is a distributed system based on network, which is divided into four parts: front-end video detection and snapshot system, local data processing system, remote data transmission system, and center data management and punishment system. The system is mainly installed at traffic intersections and monitors the illegal motor vehicles running red lights 24/7. It can not only take photos of the illegal vehicles, but also automatically judge and identify the license plates and illegal tracks of the illegal vehicles in real time.

Overspeed detection
In addition to running a red light, speeding and other violations on the road are also an important cause of traffic accidents. The overspeed detection system can deal with this problem well. Learned, vehicle speed detection system is real-time response system, which USES video image processing technology, the cars on the highway lanes for non-contact monitoring, vehicle speed for speeding, license plate number, such as illegal pictures running status information, each lane just erect a CCD (camera), can be speeding on the highway or urban road vehicle information for accurate and stable, all-weather detection and record.

Vehicle inspection
Mobile vehicle inspection system is a real-time inspection system that integrates advanced technologies such as vehicle video detection, radar speed measurement, license plate automatic recognition and real-time comparison of vehicle inspection database. The system can measure the speed of running vehicles, capture license plates, identify and compare them. Under the condition of not affecting the normal traffic, it can automatically and real-time check the illegal vehicles and effectively enforce the traffic law. It is learned that the traffic police departments in Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, hefei, changchun and many other cities are equipped with similar mobile vehicle inspection system, the application effect is better.
Reverse snap of electronic police
Due to the serious defilement and damage of some vehicles' rear plate, and the non-standard installation of some vehicles' rear plate, the electronic police cannot effectively identify them. In view of this kind of problem, the reverse electronic police is installed to capture the front plate of the vehicle, and capture the front and rear plates of the vehicle at the same time, which can well solve the problem of vehicle license plate recognition. At the same time, the electronic police system will also give severe punishment according to law for traffic violations such as inconsistent front and rear plates, deliberately covering the rear plates and not hanging the rear plates.
The electronic police system has been punishing large trucks for violating the ban on vehicles entering the city. In the process of law enforcement, the traffic police found that some of the large trucks with defiled license plates, do not install according to the provisions of the situation is more serious, the traffic violations of such vehicles is also the focus of the electronic police system to capture the object. At present, the cargo vehicle pass processing system has been docked with the electronic police system, which will automatically identify and take photos of any cargo vehicle that has not obtained the road permit and entered the no-go area or road section in violation of regulations, and carry out off-site punishment.
Whether or not the reverse camera captures illegal behaviors such as not wearing seat belts, driving and smoking, answering and making phone calls, and blocking traffic lanes is not the key issue, but how to ensure driving safety is the fundamental issue worthy of attention. While seemingly minor violations such as not wearing seat belts, jaywalking, driving, smoking, or talking on the phone are not uncommon. Traffic police departments remind traffic participants, consciously abandon bad habits, safe driving, civilized travel.