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- Jan 02, 2019 -

Electronic police

The competitive landscape
Domestic engaged in "electronic police system vendor is more, each product in the structure, function, communication data formats are different, the product quality is uneven also, the use of system brings hidden trouble, especially with the deepening of the construction of public security traffic management information system, put forward the higher request to the system.
After a comprehensive survey of the current situation of the system built throughout the country, there are mainly the following prominent problems.
1. Various types of products with poor stability
In 2004, the ministry of public security issued the industry standard GA/ t496-2004 "general technical conditions of automatic recording system for running red lights" of the "electronic police" system, providing a reference basis for product research and development of various manufacturers. However, "electronic police" system is a kind of product of system integration type. There is no fixed product form and equipment configuration, so there are many unpredictable factors leading to unstable operation of the product. Because users have different requirements, a lot of functionality is not standard practice, there are also part of the installation environment is irregular, requiring manufacturers need for product customization according to specific condition, some vendors often according to their own understanding and preferences for product development and implementation of system stability is poorer.
2. Poor applicability and disordered system format
Fixed "electronic police system, or mobile" electronic police system, often only for a certain kind of illegal behavior monitoring and capture, monitor almost fixed in a certain area, due to the limitation of technology and conditions, for the most part the current "electronic policeman" couldn't realize intelligent monitoring system. Because the definition of industry standards is not clearly required, the control unit and camera unit of the "electronic police" system developed by different manufacturers are not the same, and the data interface, evidence format and management software of each company are even more diverse, which cannot be unified, and it is difficult to realize the sharing of resources.
3, uneven, low price competition
There are hundreds of domestic manufacturers researching, developing and selling similar "electronic police" systems. Their uneven technical strength brings hidden dangers to system construction, especially the difficulty in information sharing. The products of some manufacturers fail to pass the test of the national authority, and lack of effective quality supervision and acceptance mechanism, especially in the process of system construction without professionals to check the technology and quality. In addition, because the funds for system construction belong to local self-financing or financial funding, and bidding is required in accordance with Chinese government procurement laws and regulations, the phenomenon of low-price competition is generated, which will bring inconvenience to the system maintenance and upgrade in the future. In fact, some bidding is really a dark box operation.
4. Serious mismanagement and lag
Daily management of the "electronic police" system personnel often belong to the grassroots brigade, the use of the system is often the order department, personnel who master the system technology belongs to the science and technology department, the incoordination of the management department seriously affect the overall performance of the system.
5. After-sales service can't keep up
Equipment installed outdoors needs regular maintenance and cleaning, especially major equipment such as cameras and industrial personal computers need regular maintenance. Due to limited funds and capabilities of many manufacturers, they failed to provide after-sales services as promised, and the professional maintenance services they provided could not keep up with them. Also, the leaders of some user units always thought that the system did not need human management, so they did not pay attention to this part of the work, resulting in a greatly shortened service life of the system. At the same time, due to the restrictions of network conditions, it is difficult for general companies to access the special public security network or the Internet to view the system operation effect, so that the after-sales service can not be timely response, when the user really use the system to find this or that problem.
6. There is a gap in understanding
Some leading comrades do not fully realize the role of the "electronic police" system. One is to take the installation of the "electronic police" system as a political achievement project.
7. Site use environment restriction
"Electronic police system is generally installed in the existing road or road, often road planning and construction and the construction of traffic signal control system did not consider the installation position of the" electronic police system in the future, and monitoring scope, created after the loading of the electronic police "system due to the limitation of site installation conditions, often can't achieve very good use effect.
8. There is no standardized qualification system
Did not establish proper qualifications in the field of public security traffic system, often borrow security quality system, public security traffic actually has its own characteristics, developers, integrators, engineering business mix both makes it difficult to do a good job, and non-standard operation and easy blinded by the owner, the lack of effective quality supervision and inspection mechanism, especially in project bid evaluation no professionals to participate in, is difficult to grasp the technology and quality.
9, block segmentation, forming force
Due to the lack of network construction and their respective interests, most of the "electronic police" systems built across the country are not connected across cities and provinces, and their monitoring capacity is limited, so they cannot keep pace and cannot play an overall role.
10. Low entry threshold
One of the important reasons for the irregularity of electronic police industry is the "low threshold". Electronic police industry is recognized as a sunrise industry, in attracting the vision of many excellent companies at the same time, also attracted a large number of speculative companies, want to share in the spoon. Most of these speculation the company has no power, the whole company is a few people, both the research and development strength and service ability, but praised the sea mouths speak about how their products, their mouth products from other manufacturers to buy equipment, however, and from a software company to buy cheap software patchwork, fundamental guarantee product quality and technical level, more can't mention use effect. In the continuous market operation, the shortcomings of these companies will be exposed little by little. It is inevitable that they cannot have more viability and space, but it is a fatal blow for investors and users. In 2004, China promulgated the industry standards for bayonet and red light running systems, which provided great guidance to enterprises. However, these two standards were not mandatory, and there were few regulations on system software integration and functions.