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Electronic police-3
- Dec 31, 2018 -

Electronic police

1. The electronic eye USES the induction line to sense the pressure from the car on the road, and the signal is collected to the central processing unit through the sensor, and sent to the register for temporary storage (the data is valid in a red light cycle);
2. In the same time interval (in the red light period), if two impulse signals are generated at the same time, it will be deemed as "effective". Simply put, if the red light at that time, your head wheel crossed the line, and then the wheel did not go out of the line, only one pulse will be generated.
3, some cases are: some people drive the front wheel over the line, afraid of being photographed, so he backed out of the car, back to the line, the result is still photographed, what is the reason? That's why I get shot n times. But most of the electronic police's induction coils have a logic recognition function that allows the situation to be photographed without being captured.
4. When the yellow light is on, the camera system starts up after delay of 2s; When the red light is on, the system has been started; When the green light is about to turn on, shut down the system 2s in advance, mainly to prevent misshooting. So a lot of taxi drivers know, almost can go, just like nothing. But suggest everybody does not do so, because the opportunity is more difficult hold yo.
Post processing
After the image is downloaded and transmitted to the command center, the image needs to be registered, numbered and announced, and then transmitted to the central computer database for the call of various organs.
The system characteristics
Vehicle capture rate ----100%.
Identification time ---- about 1 second.
License plate recognition rates -- 95 percent by day, 90 percent by night.
Applicable speed ------5 -- 180Km/h.

Capturing principle
There are two ways. One is to bury an induction coil in the ground and set up a digital camera on the crossbar for capturing the red light running. The other is to set up a camera for real-time recording of speeding and illegal parking. Either way, at least three pictures will be taken for the illegal vehicles, one is the instantaneous illegal picture, one is the identification picture of the number plate, and one is the panoramic picture. Either way, it is 24 hours starting shooting, picture retention time is generally a week.

The process
After receiving the pictures, the command center will compare the license plate number information with the DMV information, so as to call up the comprehensive information of the vehicle, such as the owner, model, color, etc., and then the information processing personnel will input it into the website of Beijing public security traffic management bureau, so that the illegal owner can inquire.

Information loss
Not all illegal vehicles can be photographed, only when the license plate picture is clear, information entry personnel can be illegal vehicles into the database for processing.

Shooting range
A camera usually takes two lanes and a few can take three lanes, usually on the first and second lanes from left to right. Digital cameras have a wide range, so in most urban areas they can capture all the lanes in the same direction.

Job characteristics
1. Speed monitoring DZJZ starts when the speed exceeds 20km
2. Red light monitoring DZJC starts 3 seconds after the red light is on