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Electronic police-2
- Dec 30, 2018 -

Electronic police

In early May 1996, the scientific research institute of the traffic management bureau of Beijing municipal public security bureau and we jointly tested the first "red light grab automatic camera" at the west fourth intersection of Beijing. In the same year, the Beijing municipal commission of science and technology applied for the approval of the Beijing municipal research institute of transportation engineering science, and the Beijing municipal commission of science and technology allocated special funds to support the Beijing municipal institute of transportation engineering science to cooperate with us to develop the "video automatic monitoring system for motor vehicles running red lights". After the successful development of the system, "video motor vehicle running red light automatic monitoring system" and "video motor vehicle speeding automatic monitoring system" were successively installed in Beijing, jinan, changsha, fuzhou, hangzhou, xi 'an, luoyang, qiqihar, manzhouli, quzhou and other places from 1996 to early 1998. Although the local television stations, radio stations, newspapers and other news media have made a lot of publicity and reports, but the words are not consistent, for example, "electronic eye", "eyes of fire" and so on.

On March 23, 1998, in the program "Oriental time and space" of CCTV, the word "electronic police" was used to report the opening and use of the automatic monitoring system for motor vehicles running red lights in Beijing. The host of the program is jing yidan. CCTV's program, once broadcast, immediately caused a sensation in the domestic urban road traffic field. CCTV "Oriental time and space" in the theme program "video motor vehicle running a red light automatic monitoring system" as "electronic police" so "electronic police" has been used in various news media related reports throughout the country. It can be said that CCTV introduced the term "electronic police".

Purely physical interpretation of the electronic police: a typical "electronic police" is usually composed of image detection (vehicle sensing), shooting, acquisition, processing, transmission and management, as well as auxiliary light source, auxiliary support and related supporting equipment. There are two main types of fixed and flow applications, automatic and manual operation of the two modes of work.

Of course, there are three types of electronic police: film electronic police, digital electronic police and video electronic police.
As the perfect combination of video monitoring and intelligent transportation system, electronic police system has always been the focus of development and attention of all sectors of society. China's electronic police system has ushered in greater opportunities and challenges from research and development to application. As an enterprise as long as you follow the enacted "red light automatic recording system general technical conditions", "the road vehicle intelligent monitoring system of record general technical conditions" standard, electronic police system can achieve information sharing, so as to realize the long-distance illegal transfer of nationwide, really play a "specification of China road traffic order, ensure the roads and prevent and stop the traffic accident".
The "electronic police" in China's road traffic management system comes into being with the development of science and technology and is the product of an era. It as an effective means of modern road traffic safety management, can quickly monitoring, capturing, processing traffic violation, quickly obtain illegal evidence, to provide effective monitoring means, has played an important role in improving urban traffic congestion phenomenon, it has become a indispensable important in road traffic management team, in order to give full play to its accurate and fair law enforcement action.