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- Dec 29, 2018 -

Electronic police

Electronic police is a method that USES automatic detection and measurement technology to capture traffic violation or traffic accident, USES the network to transmit the collected information back to the public security department for analysis and processing, and takes this as evidence to punish the perpetrators, so as to reduce the accident and assist the traffic police.
The key reason why the term "electronic police" can be widely recognized in the industry and society is that it can literally express the actual equipment and system functions more accurately.
"Electronic" covers such equipment and systems with modern advanced technology, including: video detection technology, computer technology, modern control technology, communication technology, computer network and database technology.

A narrow
Commonly known as "red light running automatic recording system", can be installed in the signal control of the intersection and road sections and designated lanes of motor vehicles in the red light running behavior for uninterrupted automatic detection and recording system.

The generalized
A system that can be installed at intersections and sections and automatically and continuously detect and record the driving behavior of motor vehicles in designated lanes.

Hd red light running electronic police system USES advanced photoelectric, computer, image processing, pattern recognition, remote data access and other technologies. Under the condition that each vehicle corresponds to a unique license plate number, the vehicle and license plate images of each vehicle passing on the monitoring road surface are continuously recorded 24/7 and in real time. The ground sensor coil and video detection are used for vehicle detection. When the moving target exceeds the speed limit value or the signal at the intersection is in the red light state, the (integrated) hd camera will capture the offending vehicle and complete 3 pictures of the offending process. The picture clearly shows the status of the signal lamp, the position of the parking line, the illegal lane, the number plate number of the illegal vehicle, the color of the license plate, the color of the car body, the type of the vehicle, the time, place, speed and direction of the illegal vehicle and other information. All the captured data are transmitted back to the traffic police data center through the network for processing. This information is connected with the vehicle management library in the corresponding region to analyze and obtain whether the current vehicle is a legal vehicle. At the same time, generate illegal images and speed information database, data with network query function. Hd electronic police system for running red lights is widely used in urban intersections, pedestrian crossings, time-limited roads, main and auxiliary road entrances and exits, bus lanes and other places. Used for the effective evidence collection of the violation of the red light. The system can provide information for public security departments to effectively combat speeding, robbery, blacklist motor vehicle crimes, investigate traffic hit-and-run cases, analyze traffic conditions, strengthen public security management and other illegal ACTS, and provide important clues and basis for local public security and traffic police departments to carry out traffic management.