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Electric Steel Rod
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Electric Steel Rod

Electric steel bar is a new kind of electric equipment for erecting electric power line in recent years.

Electric steel rod introduction
The electric steel bar is made of polygonal steel tube, circular steel tube and so on. Mainly used for power line erection. It is a substitute product of traditional cement bar.

Advantages of electric steel rod
1. The electric steel bar covers a small area
Small area of land is the main advantage of steel rod. Both traditional transmission tower and cable tower have the disadvantages of large area of land. However, under the current market economy conditions, land prices keep rising, and power transmission becomes more and more difficult and more expensive. Moreover, in some special areas, such as urban central areas, there is no condition to build electric towers at all, which makes steel rods the first choice for power transmission construction. The steel bar covers a small area, which is generally about 1/3 of the self-supporting tower. Meanwhile, the top size of the steel bar is much smaller than that of the tower.
2) beautiful shape of steel rod.
This is another major advantage of steel rods. Nowadays, in the construction of cities and the transformation of cities, whether cities are beautiful and livable has attracted more and more attention from residents. Thus urban construction more and more high to the requirement of electric power line construction, which also performed at the request of the beautiful sex, especially some more strict with this aspect of the urban landscape road, and the traditional tower that it is difficult to meet the requirements of steel rod because of its compact structure, beautiful image small, so you can basically meet the requirements of aesthetics.
3) simple and fast steel rod construction.
Establish traditional tower construction must have a set of process of the tower, regardless of the overall group or section towers, time limit for a project are similar, and the steel bar construction does not need to form a basic process, only need to install the steel rod cross arm after the completion of the whole group can be immediately, construction speed is much faster than the Eiffel Tower construction, in general, a construction team can set a day appointed tower 1.5 ~ 2 base, and a day to stand around 10 base steel rod, so using steel rod can greatly improve the efficiency of construction, shorten the construction period.
4) steel rod material is not easy to be stolen.
The loss of tower material has always been a major problem affecting the safe operation of the tower. Although some preventive measures have been taken, such as installing anti-theft bolts below 6 meters, the loss of tower material still occurs frequently. The steel bar is formed by integral splicing or flange connecting, so the loss of parts is basically eliminated, the accident hidden danger is reduced and the line health is improved.
In addition to the above, the electric steel bar also has the advantages of short production cycle and large stress tolerance.

Author:Bunny Sun