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Drive the road to meet the yellow flashing light intersection, how to pass correctly?
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Drive the road to meet the yellow flashing light intersection, how to pass correctly?

One: what is the yellow flash lamp
According to the provisions of article 42 of the regulations on the implementation of the road traffic safety law of China, "flashing warning lights are continuously flashing yellow lights, which remind vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to the lookout when passing, and pass after confirming safety. Therefore, the yellow flashing light is a warning light, usually set at the fork in the road and the intersection of less traffic flow. Some intersections will start flashing yellow lights late at night and then turn into traffic lights in the morning.

Two: the difference between yellow flash and yellow light
1. Yellow flash is always yellow, constantly flashing; The yellow light is between the red light and the green light.
2. When the yellow light is on, vehicles and pedestrians are not allowed to pass. Those who have passed the stop line should go as soon as possible; Yellow flash is to remind pedestrians and drivers, here are speed bumps, to slow down.

Three: yellow flashing lights intersection must also abide by the rules
Driving on the road to meet continuous flashing yellow lights, do not worry about "grab the yellow", pay attention to the observation, after confirming safety can rest assured bold passage. To do not mean can be wanton wanton, driving in the yellow lights intersection, but also to abide by the traffic rules, strictly abide by the signs and markers. Just as xiao wang was punished for driving straight into a turning lane at a flashing yellow light, so was he.