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Daily replacement of high bar lamps
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Daily replacement of high bar lamps

Daily replacement of high bar lamps:
High lamp on repairing the daily for lamps and lanterns, light dianliao, stop the one-sided carefully review of mooring line and other facilities, if found to have the lamps and lanterns of protection or xu wires, set to change in time, and review all flow high lamp can nut loose, secure can be strong, find rust big situation must cease immediately change.
1. In the process of winding and releasing the steel wire rope for high pole lamp, on the other hand, check the appearance of the steel wire rope; on the other hand, pay attention to whether the steel wire rope is overlapped, stranded, corroded, broken and seriously stressed. Check whether the sliding parts are flexible and reliable.
2. Replace the damaged light source appliances and cables, and check whether all the fixing bolts are loose, firm, safe and reliable, and whether the locating pin and automatic hook are flexible and reliable, etc., and replace the ones with severe rust.
3, fixed in the light pole at the bottom of the motor, gear box and other transmission mechanism, should be closed and covered as far as possible, to prevent the coil moisture damage insulation, check whether the oil in the gearbox is enough, whether the oil is black or there are impurities. Movable motor drive mechanism, should be placed in a dry place, before the operation of the application of the meter test its insulation resistance, not less than 1m, can be used.
4. The ac contactor, thermal relay, travel switch, command controller and other control appliances in the control circuit of the pole lamp shall be thoroughly and carefully checked before operation. The electrical components found to be defective shall be replaced as soon as possible.
5, the high bar lamp grounding protection device, lightning protection device must be routine inspection every year before the rainy season, grounding resistance test, can not reach the grounding resistance value, should be less than 10, should be processed in a timely manner.
Corrosion protection measures for high bar lamps:
1. The high pole lamp must repair the damaged zinc layer, which can be completed with zinc-rich paint.
2, in general, the high pole body should not be in the field for any welding, when welding is inevitable, it should be the welding parts of the galvanized layer before welding, welding must repair the damaged zinc layer.
3, welding will produce a lot of sparks, welding slag, zinc layer surface smoke is also very dangerous, should ensure the safety of personnel.