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Common failure types and maintenance of traffic lights
- Dec 28, 2018 -

Common failure types and maintenance of traffic lights

Traffic lights are silent "traffic police", below, small make up to bring traffic lights maintenance tips, so that it can better serve our lives, extend its service life, in the daily work of maintenance according to the type of fault maintenance.
There are several types of signal lamp failures:
1. None of the traffic lights are on
Cause of formation is roughly: power failure, total insurance burn out (caused by short circuit), main version burn out (lightning strike)
Troubleshooting: power supply, fuse replacement and circuit maintenance, maintenance of the main version.
2, one-way traffic lights are not bright
Cause of formation is: fuse burn-down (fuse aging), open circuit (short circuit caused), transformer burn-down (short circuit or aging) and so on
Troubleshooting: replace the fuse while repairing the circuit, repair the circuit to replace the cable, repair the circuit and replace the transformer.
A single traffic light is not on
Cause of formation is: open circuit (short circuit or wire contact aging), transformer burned out (short circuit or aging) and so on
Troubleshooting: repair the circuit and replace the wire, repair the circuit and replace the transformer.
4. Signal lamp damage caused by accident
According to the damage situation, the repair can repair, the replacement of the replacement.
5, power alone can be bright, access to the traffic signal control machine will be two lights together or stroboflash
The cause of formation is: the zero line is not connected well or broken
Troubleshooting: please check whether the wiring is in poor contact and whether there is any break.
6. The light color is inconsistent with the signal of traffic signal control machine
Forming reason is roughly: the line connects amlposition
Troubleshooting: please check the wiring and rewire in the correct position
7. The traffic signal light is not controlled
Formation reason is roughly: zero line connection error
Troubleshooting: check whether the zero line is connected to the corresponding terminal
8, the wick is always on
The cause of formation is roughly: short circuit wiring, or signal problems
Troubleshooting: check whether the main circuit is short circuit, if no short circuit check the control machine
9. The line and signal machine are normal, and the signal light is not on
The reasons are as follows: traffic signal failure or abnormal power supply of traffic signal
Troubleshooting: first check whether there is a problem with the power supply, if there is no problem with the power supply, please call the customer service of the manufacturer for treatment