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Classification of traffic signals-4
- Jan 13, 2019 -

Classification of traffic signals

Traffic line markings
On the road surface, lines, arrows, text, elevation marks, protruding road signs and contour marks are used to convey guidance, restriction, warning and other traffic information to traffic participants. Its role is to regulate and direct traffic.
Functional classification
(1) indicating line. A marking indicating facilities such as roadways, driving directions, pavement edges, pavements, etc.
(2) no marking. Notice of road traffic compliance, prohibition, restrictions and other special provisions, vehicle drivers and pedestrians to strictly comply with the marking.
(3) warning line. To alert drivers and pedestrians to the special circumstances of the road, and to prepare for or take contingency measures.
(1) lines. A solid or dashed line marked on a road surface, kerb, or facade.
(2) characters. Characters, Numbers and symbols marked on roads.
(3) a signpost sticking out. A raised marking block fixed on a road surface and used to mark center lines, lane boundaries, and edge lines on highways or other roads. It can also be used to mark curves, off-ramp, diversion marks, road Narrows, and road obstacles, etc.
(4) contour marks. Indicate the direction of the road and the boundary of the roadway, and set them symmetrically and continuously along the left and right directions of the highway; According to the setting conditions, the contour marks can be divided into two types: buried in the road surface and attached.