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Classification of traffic signals-3
- Jan 12, 2019 -

Classification of traffic signals

Traffic signs
Traffic facilities that use patterns, symbols, Numbers and words to direct, restrict, warn or direct traffic.
Generally set in the side or above the road, reflects the effectiveness of traffic safety regulations. It is conducive to regulating traffic flow, dredging traffic and improving road capacity. Predict road conditions and reduce traffic accidents; Save energy, reduce pollution and beautify road appearance.
Road traffic signs are divided into two categories: main signs and auxiliary signs.
The main signs are divided into warning signs, prohibition signs, instruction signs, road signs, tourist area signs and road construction safety signs six:
(1) warning signs: signs warning vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to dangerous places. There are 49. Color for yellow, black, black pattern, shape for the top Angle up equilateral triangle.
(2) prohibition signs: signs that prohibit or restrict the traffic behavior of vehicles and pedestrians. There are 43. Except for individual signs, the color is white, red circle, red bar, black pattern, pattern pressure bar; An equilateral triangle in the form of a circle, octagonal, or pointing downward. Set up in the need to prohibit or restrict the traffic of vehicles, pedestrians near the road or intersection.
(3) indicating signs: signs indicating the progress of vehicles and pedestrians. There are 29 categories. Color for blue background, white pattern; The shapes are divided into circle, rectangle and square. Set in the need to indicate the vehicle, pedestrian road sections or near the intersection.
(4) road signs: signs conveying road direction, location and distance information. There are 146. Color except milestone, 100 meters pile, generally blue, white pattern; Highways are generally green, white pattern; Shape in addition to location identification signs, milestones, sub - merge signs, generally rectangular and square. Set near the road section or intersection where road direction, location and distance information need to be transmitted.
(5) tourist area signs: signs providing the direction and distance of tourist attractions. There are 17 categories. Color is brown background, white character pattern; The shapes are rectangle and square. Tourist area signs can be divided into two categories: guiding signs and tourist symbols.
(6) road construction safety sign: notice the sign for passing in the road construction area. To alert drivers and pedestrians. There are 26. Among them, there are 20 kinds of road construction area signs, which are used to inform expressway and general road traffic blocking and detour. Set in the proper position before road construction, maintenance and other sections.
Auxiliary signs are those set up for the purpose of maintaining traffic safety and smooth traffic when the main sign cannot fully express or indicate its content. They are white background, black words, black border and rectangular shape, attached to the main sign and playing a role of auxiliary explanation.