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Classification of traffic signals-2
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Classification of traffic signals

2. Classification of traffic lights:
(1) traffic lights are divided into red light, green light and yellow light by color;
(2) according to functions, it is divided into motor vehicle signal light, non-motor vehicle signal light, pedestrian crossing signal light, lane signal light, direction indicating signal light (arrow signal light), flashing warning signal light and railway level crossing signal light.
3. Meaning of traffic lights
Motor vehicle signal light and non-motor vehicle signal light
(1) the green light is on. The passage of vehicles is permitted, but the turning vehicles shall not obstruct the passage of the vehicles and pedestrians going straight; In case of a direction indicating light, the driver shall drive according to the provisions of the direction indicating light.
(2) yellow light. Vehicles that have crossed the stop line may continue to pass.
(3) the red light is on. No vehicles allowed.
(4) where there is no crosswalk signal light or non-motor vehicle signal light, pedestrians and non-motor vehicles may pass according to the above provisions.
(5) vehicles with right turn, when the red light is on, may pass without hindering the passing of vehicles and pedestrians.
Crosswalk signal light
(1) the green light is on. Pedestrians are allowed to cross the crosswalk.
(2) the red light is on. Pedestrians are not allowed to enter the crosswalk. Those who have entered the crosswalk can continue to pass or stay at the center line of the road and wait.
Lane light
(1) the green arrow light is on. Allow vehicles in this lane to pass in the direction indicated.
(2) red fork light or arrow light. Traffic in this lane is prohibited.
Direction indicating light (arrow light)
(1) the arrow direction of the light to the left, up and right means left, straight and right respectively.
(2) the green arrow light is on. Allow vehicles to pass in the direction indicated by the arrow.
(3) the red arrow light is on. Vehicles are not allowed to pass in the direction indicated by the arrow.
Flashing warning light
The continuously flashing yellow light is a flashing warning light, warning vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to watch when passing, after confirming the safety of passage.
Road and railway crossing signal light: when two red lights flicker alternately or one red light is on, vehicles and pedestrians are prohibited to pass; The red light is off and traffic is allowed.