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China's intelligent transportation system framework
- Oct 30, 2018 -

China's intelligent transportation system framework
The basic situation of China's ITS system framework (second edition) is as follows: The logical framework includes 10 functional areas, 57 functions, 101 sub-functions, 406 processes and 161 data flow graphs. The physical framework includes 10 systems, 38 subsystems, 150 system modules and 51 physical frame flow diagrams. The application system consists of 58 applications.
China ITS system framework (second edition) user service list
User service area
Customer service
1 traffic management
1.1 traffic dynamic information monitoring
1.2 traffic enforcement
1.3 traffic control
1.4 requirements management
1.5 traffic incident management
1.6 traffic environment monitoring and control
1.7 service management
1.8 parking management
1.9 traffic management for non-motor vehicles and pedestrians
2 electronic charges
2.1 electronic fees
3 traffic information services
3.1 pre-trip information service
3.2 driver information service on the road
3.3 information service of public transport on the way
3.4 other information services on the way
3.5 path induction and navigation
3.6 personalized information service
Intelligent highway and safety assisted driving
4.1 intelligent highway and vehicle information collection
4.2 safety assisted driving
4.3 automatic driving
4.4 automated fleet operation
Transportation safety
5.1 emergency rescue management
5.2 transport safety management
5.3 non-motor vehicle and pedestrian safety management
5.4 safety management at intersections
6 operation management
6.1 operations management
6.2 public transportation planning
6.3 bus operation management
6.4 long-distance passenger transport operation management
6.5 operation and management of rail transit
6.6 taxi operation management
6.7 general cargo transport management
6.8 special transportation management
7 comprehensive transport
7.1 passenger and freight combined transport management
7.2 through passenger service
7.3 combined transport of goods service
Transportation infrastructure management
8.1 transportation infrastructure maintenance
8.2 highway administration
8.3 construction area management
9 ITS data management
9.1 data access and storage
9.2 data fusion and processing
9.3 data exchange and sharing
9.4 data application support
9.5 data security

Author:Bunny Sun