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What about the traffic lights
- Oct 07, 2018 -

At present, many cities have installed international traffic lights, which are in four directions at intersections. There are three traffic lights at each intersection, indicating left, straight and right respectively. Each light changes in the order of red, green and yellow. The intersection of one side drives to the other three parties, all following the red light stop, green light go, yellow light cross the line, yellow light do not cross the line stop rules.
The original signal light is only one signal light at each intersection. It follows the principle that the red light can stop on the left or straight road, while the right road can drive, and the green light can run in all three directions. In some places, it is stipulated that you can drive on the left side, straight side and right side at red lights, while on the right side, left side and straight side at green lights. This is to avoid driving on the right to block the left and straight bikes, as the city of tianjin has previously stipulated.
It should be common practice for green lights to turn left and go straight.