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Road development in China
- Jul 17, 2018 -

China's roads

It is divided into: expressways (national highways), including expressways and major highways, according to the scope of services and their status and role in the national road network; Parliamentary province road (regional road); Attach county and country roads (local roads); Superior city roads. The first three are collectively referred to as highways, which can be divided into five technical levels according to the annual average day and night vehicle traffic volume, usage tasks and properties. Different grades of highways are represented by different technical indicators. These indicators mainly include calculating speed, number and width of roadway, width of roadbed, minimum radius of flat curve, maximum longitudinal slope, horizon distance, road grade, bridge and culvert design load, etc.

The development of

Roads, along with human activities, are the symbol of historical civilization and the symbol of scientific progress. The original road is a trail formed by human tread. Better roads will be required, and more earth will be taken to fill the pit, and timber will be set up to cross the stream for the convenience of passage. When humans moved from primitive agriculture to domesticating livestock, they gradually used cattle, horses, camels and other riding or piggyback transportation, which resulted in piggyback transportation. The invention of the wheel brought land transportation into the age of carriage transportation. Babylon, Egypt, China, India, Greece, Rome and other ancient civilized countries, for the needs of military and commercial travel, road works have made brilliant achievements. Ancient Persia avenue, Europe amber road, China's qin dynasty trestle and road, has been thousands of years of history. The silk road across Asia had a great impact on the cultural exchanges between the east and the west. China has always attached great importance to the planning, construction and maintenance of roads. The ancient road project has the outstanding creation, qin built the road, han tang tong western region, various countries commercial travel prosperity. In the middle of the 18th century, modern road engineering began to rise in Europe. The first bridge school was established in Paris in 1747. Engineers such as French p. m. j. tresager, British t. telford and J.L. madden put forward new theory and practice of road structure, which laid the foundation of modern road engineering. From 1883 to 1885, German G.W. Daimler and C.F. Benz invented the automobile, ushering in a new era of modern road engineering focusing on automobile transportation. From 1931 to 1942, Germany built a highway network, providing safe, rapid, economic and comfortable driving conditions for automobile traffic.

Author:Bunny Sun