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Technical principle of intelligent street lamp
- Nov 03, 2018 -

Technical principle of intelligent street lamp

The intelligent street lamp management system developed by the software application technology research institute of the Chinese academy of sciences in guangzhou consists of software system and hardware equipment, which is divided into four layers: data acquisition layer, communication layer, application processing layer and interaction layer. Through the mutual coordination of each layer, the functions of street lamp facilities management, fault alarm, electricity monitoring, street lamp control and mobile terminal application are realized. In the later stage, the extended traffic flow monitoring and light sense monitoring can be intelligent.
The intelligent street lamp management system software platform is the core of smart street lamp, and the central platform for street lamp monitoring and scheduling, operation and maintenance data management. The system can quickly locate and manage street lamps by means of map, including setting the dispatching strategy of single light or a group of lights, inquiring the street lamp status and historical records, changing the street lamp running status in real time and providing various reports of street lamps.
The platform realizes five modules of monitoring management, data statistics, information query, parameter configuration and user management:
Each concentrator and each node controller can be controlled in the street lamp system. The operation interface can display the status of all concentrators and single lamp in real time, and realize single point control, group control, broadcast control and other control strategies for them.
The system provides GIS positioning, positions and displays each street lamp on the map, and turns on and off the street lamp on the map, which greatly facilitates the management of street lamp.
It can automatically detect whether there is a car passing through the road section, automatically adjust the lighting brightness of street lamp according to the situation, and realize illumination regulation, longitude and latitude (sunset time) regulation, and carry out statistics on the number of incoming vehicles and energy-saving rate to achieve energy-saving effect.
When the street lamp fails or the cable is stolen, the failure system of lighting equipment will be automatically reported to the service system immediately. The service system will be alerted by SMS warning, mail warning and other methods according to the alarm information type.
Users do not need to go to the site to understand the street lighting situation as well as power and power factors, including real-time power consumption data query and historical power consumption data query, and can add, modify and delete electricity meters in the system;
By operating the client software on the client terminal such as computer, mobile phone and pad, the user can carry out mobile management of lighting lamps. The mobile control terminal has the functions of single lamp control and fault positioning, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to repair the street lamp and conduct mobile management.

Author:Bunny Sun