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New technology for intelligent transportation systems
- Nov 01, 2018 -

New security technologies of intelligent transportation system have been emerging and applied constantly, and the emergence of new technologies has a strong pertinence for the expressway field. For example, 3G wireless transmission is a unique way for the severe weather and geographical environment of the highway. Highway mobile wireless monitoring, general application in a section of the highway. Patrol vehicles can transmit the patrol video situation to the highway management center in real time, which strengthens the real-time management of intelligent traffic system. In addition, the application of other new technologies also provides further support for the efficiency of system management.
Moving bayonet system: [1] an overspeed capture system using computer visual simulation, radar speed measurement, intelligent image analysis and database management. Can accurately measure the vehicle speed, once the speed, the system will automatically snap pictures, clear picture capture vehicles, license plate number, vehicle type, body color and other elements, to save images in the database, and superposition of illegal speeding the date, time, road of vehicle actual driving speed, to break the law and the information such as the speed limit, a section of the database can be classified according to conditions such as dates, license plate number query, can also be illegal vehicles, real-time output through a printer has a license plate automatic recognition, on-site alarm, mobile storage and integrated management, and other functions, its online edition of the product architecture, This system integrates field law enforcement, 3G remote transmission and command center network dispatch management, provides reliable basis for the high speed management department scientific law enforcement, fully conforms to the technology strong police strategy;
GPS positioning: GPS positioning of police vehicles is convenient for dispatching, so as to deal with traffic accidents quickly.
· vehicle detection and release system: seize the vehicle in overspeed and compare the black car license plate at the entrance, display the illegal vehicle information in real time at the toll station or LED screen at the front of the alarm, and intercept the vehicle at the toll station.
In addition, the GIS from the space, time, thoroughly understand the situation along the highway on the present situation and the change of highway management need digital basis, complete the static traffic information (such as toll gates, service area, tunnel, wireless video infrastructure) and dynamic traffic information (weather, road maintenance closed, sudden road traffic accident, etc) of the restructuring, provide intuitive, system for highway management, scientific management tools; At the same time, it can standardize the management of data, realize information sharing, facilitate the exchange of data among various departments, and improve and perfect the highway management. According to the requirements of each subsystem, the required information is transmitted to the subsystem in a specified format, such as the application of wireless communication terminal (such as SMS, PDA, etc.) provides the customer data, graphics or images and other information according to the service request and query permission [1].

Author:Bunny Sun