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Traffic information control center of traffic guidance system
- Oct 24, 2018 -

Traffic information control center of traffic guidance system

The traffic information control center is responsible for collecting various kinds of real-time traffic information from the traffic network and carrying out information processing. Through the traffic information acquisition unit, the original data required by the system is collected, such as road status, traffic flow, traffic flow rate, road occupancy, etc., and the traffic information database is formed for the joint use of the induction information generation module and other subsystems of UTFGS. The core of the traffic information acquisition unit is the information detector, mainly including inductance ring detector (annular induction coil), ultrasonic detector, infrared detector, radar detector, video detector and so on.
Another important part of the traffic information control center is the information processing and control module, which mainly completes the data acquisition, data processing, induction program formulation, data storage and other functions of the book system. Traffic inducing information processing and control computer in the lobby of the command center and sub-center of the console, after a staff manual confirmation of traffic information and command management information receiving and processing, the input (or command), or release information to the car terminal, radio, television and Internet traffic induced information, set up traffic information board and traffic-induced screen display parameters, etc.

Communication system
The communication system is responsible for data exchange between the information control center and vehicles on the road. Generally, the transmission of control information and induced information can be carried out by wire transmission and wireless transmission. As for the wired IP/RS232 communication mode, it is required to consider it as a whole. By using the method of multiplexed optical machine, the front-end equipment can be connected with the traffic command center or sub-control center by using optical fiber. For wireless transmission, wireless communications support the wireless data network of mobile terminals or junction equipment.

Traffic guidance information release system
Traffic induction information release mainly refers to the release of traffic induction information through on-board terminals, radio and television stations, Internet, and external field induction display devices (variable traffic information boards and traffic induction displays).
1. Onboard navigation system
The on-board navigation system is responsible for sending the information of vehicle position, speed and passenger demand to the information control center, receiving the data from the information control center, and displaying the navigation information according to the needs of the passengers. Available on - board navigation system: feed vehicle tracking. The satellite signals are received by the on-board GPS receiver, and the actual position of the vehicle is displayed on the electronic map after map matching. Design of airline routes. The navigation software designs the route according to the principle of "the shortest route or the most economical route or the shortest driving time, etc." and automatically establishes the route database. Navigate by design course. The on-board display will display the designed route on the electronic map, as well as the path and direction of the car's operation. The voice will prompt the driver to arrive at the intersection or next destination for the remaining distance and driving route. Within query function. Provide information query including public information, the result of which is displayed in the form of image and voice, and displayed on the display with electronic map.
The display of vehicle navigation system is divided into two types: no traffic information display and traffic information display. The interface without traffic information only shows the position of the vehicle, the road condition between the vehicle and the target and the relevant map. The interface with traffic information displays not only gives the above situation, but also shows in color which roads are clear, which roads are congested and which roads are available for selection, as well as parking information and traffic control information.
2. Variable traffic information board
Variable traffic information board is enacted according to the ministry of communications industry standard JT/T - 431-2000 "highway LED variable message sign technical conditions", designed by the display screen, controllers, and built-in control software, chassis, frame, electrical protection and lightning protection device, foundation, installation of fittings, modem in pairs, the power cable and signal cable installation engineering and so on, by the traffic information center computer through integrated communication network, remote control to the driver in time of different sections of relatively simple warning warnings, induced traffic information and public information, And carry out the propaganda of traffic laws and regulations and traffic knowledge, so as to effectively ease traffic and promote traffic safety.

Author:Bunny Sun