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Operating principle of solar energy wireless electric actuator
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Operating principle of solar energy wireless electric actuator

The solar wireless electric actuator system is composed of a wireless transmission platform (electric actuator, data collector, solar panel, radio station, lithium battery) and a data receiver (wireless receiving station, LCD touch screen or computer).
The data collector of the wireless transmission platform can collect the temperature, humidity, pressure, pressure, pressure, domestic liquid level, etc. and transmit them to the monitoring system. The input signals that can be received are 0-10ma, 4-20ma, 0-5v, 1-5v, K, S, B, T, E, J, WRE, PT100, CU50, CU100, etc. Can output signal (RL < 0-10 ma current 1000 Ω, can be extended to 2000 Ω), 4-20 ma current (RL < 500, can be extended to 1000 Ω), 0-22 ma custom current freely (software), solid state relay triggers, relay switch.
Radio transmitting/receiving station adopts two-way communication, which integrates sending and receiving. It can carry out point-to-point communication, point-to-multi-point communication, flexible networking up to 60 points, and transmission distance up to 20KM.
Range of application
The solar power wireless electric actuator is a continuous adjusting actuator, which can work with 1200 start/hour action frequency and 50% connection duration under the rated adjusting torque. This series actuator has higher positioning accuracy than the traditional series actuator. And it can meet the requirements of the implementation unit of closed loop automatic control loop in most industrial fields. When selecting a solar wireless electric actuator, the torque required during the valve travel should not exceed 33.3% of the corresponding rated adjusted torque.
Basic solar wireless turn the output of the electric actuator type, suitable for driving the regulator straight trip valve, such as when you need to solar wireless electric actuator output Angle of the trip, I can choose my company's VGW series worm gear box, solar wireless electric actuators and VGW gearbox assembly together, can be 0 ~ 90 ° Angle of stroke, the combination of output rated torque range is 470 n. m ~ 51500 n. m, can fully meet the actual requirements of industrial application.
When the basic solar wireless electric actuator drives the valve of direct stroke and the output torque is not enough, the VGD series multi-turn worm gear box produced by our company can be selected. Need to drive ball valve, butterfly valve and other Angle stroke valve occasions, can choose our company's production of VGW series of Angle stroke worm gear box. The above two series of worm gear boxes are available with first grade deceleration and second grade deceleration. The transmission ratio at first grade deceleration is 1:40, 1:60 and 1:7.0. The two-stage reduction gear ratio is above 1:80, and a pair of cylindrical gears or conical gears are arranged in the worm gear box. The combined performance parameters of solar energy wireless electric actuator and partial gear reducer are shown in the sample.

Author:Bunny Sun